Bean Automotive Values

Our Mission:

To deliver on every customer’s expectations, one customer at a time.

Our Vision:

To be the leading automotive group within our industry, serving our customers, associates & communities.

Bean Automotive Values:


Bean Automotive Group Standards

Our customers are our number one priority.
Smile and maintain eye contact.
Greet everyone warmly
Have a professional, welcoming, positive attitude
Maintain a clean and organized workspace
Never speak negatively about an associate or customers
Always look for solutions, not problems
Respond to a customer’s needs immediately
Maintain a professional appearance
Uniforms clan and neatly pressed
Follow the dress code
Know the Bean Automotive Group
Speak clearly with proper vocabulary, avoid any slang
Escort a customer, never point
Report any hazardous conditions or injuries immediately
Take care of our property and equipment with pride
Never stop improving, “Kaizen”- continuous
Improvements and efficiencies
Your contributions lead to our success.