Bean Automotive Group | Brand Development Style Guide


Mission and vision

• To deliver on every customer’s expectations, one customer at a time.

• To be the leading automotive group within our industry, serving our customers, associates and communities.

Marketing should represent Bean Automotive Core Values, Mission and Vision in communication that is clear and consise, provides value to customers, is respectful at all times.

Automotive Core Values

• Leadership
• Respect
• Trust
• Passion

The marketing narrative should

• Unite four locations with an organized, consistent marketing effort

• Represent sales, service, parts, rental, warranty and human resources

• Cut through a competitive market in a unique way

• Create a singular, superlative message as the leading automotive group

• Be unique, fresh, relevant and adaptable to traditional, digital and social media

• Be simple, efficient, effective.

Current creative assets

• Three creative logo assets
• Two creative campaign narratives
• One need for a creative refresh

Introducing the ALL HERE
Proposed new marketing brand narrative

• Unite locations with consistent copy points
• Represent all department with flexible, retail-friendly copy
• Create unique brand messaging for the group

ALL HERE copy usage examples

Stage 2: Introducing BEAN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP brand
Proposed new marketing brand narrative

Now that dealer locations offer a joint marketing message under the ALL HERE umbrella copy points, the Bean Automotive Group can develop a clean introduction with a clear path to tie these four dealerships together and further unify the brand message.

Bean Automotive Group branding must embrace our corporate values and vision into a relevant brand narrative that sets us apart in a competitive market.

Maintain the same style and tone as our dealer brands to hold consistent messaging throughout all communication