Bean Automotive Group Associate Spotlight

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Bean Associate Spotlight

Meet a few of our associates who advanced their career at Bean Automotive Group. No matter where you start. You have the opportunity to build your career. Be a part of the success, and explore our different departments. We’re always looking qualified: Service technicians, apprentice technicians new vehicle sales consultants, used vehicle sales consultants, service advisors, service valet/porters and accounting/administrative personnel

Meet Lesli. In the Fast Lane from College Student to ASE Certified Technician

Lesli Almonte grew up loving cars and always wanted to work on them. With a great support system behind her, she finished high school and pursued her dream career in the automotive industry. After only a month and a half in her program, she signed up for the Electrical ASE certification, one of the hardest ones, and passed. “My goal in this career is to grow, to learn the most I can. I want to become a Master Technician and after that, I want to study electrical engineering for cars.”

Mr. Lexus, Alexis Alvares Lexus of West Kendall Service Director

Starting his first job as an auto detailer, Alex worked his way up through the Bean Automotive Group career path to service technician, to parts sales, parts manager, service manager and now the Service Director. One of the most knowledgeable Lexus experts in the country, Alexis exemplifies the Bean Automotive Group culture, leading his service team to deliver on every customer’s expectation. See more about Alexis in his video.

From Sales Clerical to Controller

Julio Cubero, is the Controller at Bean Automotive Group. He first started in the key room at Kendall Toyota and slowly advanced in the company as he acquired new skills. “Working here for 25 years has never made me look for anything outside of here because a lot of people, a lot of effort, a lot of team unity has gotten me to where I am today.”

From Apprentice Tech to Master Certified Technician

Meet Jonathan, a Master Certified Technician at West Kendall Toyota. Jonathan started as a T-TEN student who showed great desire to grow and learn. Being a part of the T-TEN program at West Kendall Toyota, he attained his Toyota and ASE certifications to become a Master Technician.

From Porter to IT Helpdesk

Rafael Alvarez works in the IT department at Bean Automotive Group. He discovered his passion for computers while working at Bean Auto. He describes how he was able to build and develop a career thanks to the opportunities that were offered to him.

From Cashier to HR Generalist

Our friendly HR Generalist, Jeanette Gomez, describes what it’s like to work at Bean Automotive Group. Jeanette recalls repeated opportunities were presented to her to move up and succeed. She mentions that working at Bean Automotive Group has been one of the best experiences of her life. Quoting “Bean Automotive Group is not just your work, it is like your second home.”

Going the Extra Mile

Celebrating Bean Automotive Group associates with over 10 years of service

10+ Years of Service

GUILLERMO R. AGUILA CURBELO, Porter • RAYMAN ALEXANDER ALLY, Lead Porter • BERNARDO ALONSO GARCIA, Shipping & Receiving Clerk • CARLOS GEOVANNY ALVARADO, Technician • JUAN FELIX BERAS, Parts Specialist • SUNITA BHAGWAN, Administrative Assistant • JACKELINE CABRERA, Billing Clerk • PEDRO CAIRO, Product Specialist • CARLOS ALEXANDER CASAS, Technician • GRACE CASTILLA, Administrative Assistant • JANOY A CHANG MARINO, Apprentice Technician • DIANELYS CRUZ, Office Manager • KIMBERLY N DAVIS, Service Advisor • MANUEL AMBIOR DE LA CRUZ, Parts Specialist • HUGO DE LA PAVA, Porter • YULYSAN DOMINGUEZ, Administrative Assistant • IVONNE AMPARO ENTRAGO, Key Room Clerk • ARMANDO DE JESUS ESCOBAR, Product Specialist • ROBERTO GUILLERMO FLEXAS, Product Specialist • JUAN FIDEL GALEANO, Sales Manager • GLORIA MERCEDES GIRALDO, Administrative Assistant • LUIS GERMAN GOMEZ, Detailer • EZEQUIEL GUTIERREZ, Porter • HEMCHANDRA NICHOLAS HARACK, Technician • DEANNA HERNANDEZ, Title Clerk • JULIO VALENTINE HERNANDEZ, Sales Manager • REMY ALBERTO HERNANDEZ, Product Specialist • TONY HYUN, Technician • ROBERT HENRY JAMES, Technician • RONNIE BRIAN JONES, Service Advisor • JOSE ALEJANDRO JUAREZ, Technician • JOSE LAGE, Technician • JOSE ANTONIO LAGE, Technician • RAFAEL LEIVA, Sales Manager • LILLIAM D LOPEZ HERRERA, Internet Concierge • HUBERT LOSA, Technician • ABEL GENARO MARTI ZORRILLA, Product Specialist • ARTURO ROSAS MARTINEZ, Technician – PT • JULIAN ERNESTO MATOS, Technician • DANIEL MCCAUSLAND, Sales Manager • MAGDELAINE MEDEROS, Warranty Administrator • EDGAR ALFREDO MELO, Product Specialist • HELEN BARBARA MELROSE, Warranty Administrator • ANA MENDEZ ALVAREZ, Key Room Clerk • YELITZA GISSELA MORA, Billing Clerk • MANUEL DE JESUS MORILLO, VIP Specialist • MIGUEL NUNEZ, Shop Cleaner • VICENTE PABLOS, Product Specialist • LAZARO PADRON, Technician • PAULA PARRA, Key Room Clerk • MEDARDO RODOBALDO PEREZ, Product Specialist • ALAIN PEREZ DE ALEJO, Product Specialist • PELQUIN PINALES PICHARDO, Product Specialist • YISNEISYS PONS REYES, Billing Clerk • JASON CLAUDE RIOBE, Shipping & Receiving Clerk • FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ, Porter • ANDRES RONDON, Product Specialist • JAVIER JULIO RUGGIERO, Service Advisor • VLADIMIR SAEZ, Product Specialist • MICHAEL ANDREW SAN MARTIN, Parts Specialist • SANTIAGO SANCHEZ MARTIN, Maintenance Associate • FERNANDO SANFELIZ, Technician • JORGE LUIS SANTANA, Lead Porter • ORESTES SANTOS, Shop Cleaner • RAFAEL SCHEKER, Porter • ELLIOTT SEPULVEDA, Service Advisor • CECIL SILVA, Product Specialist • NEVILLE OLIVER SINCLAIR, Parts Specialist • EDUARDO SOLIS, Sales Manager • ANDY SUAREZ, Finance Consultant • JOSE DIEGO THOMAS, Technician • MIGUEL ANGEL VARENS DORADO, Product Specialist • JORGE LUIS VAZQUEZ, Sales Manager • NELSON VELEDO, Product Specialist

15+ Years of Service

NAZRA ABDOOL, Administrative Assistant • RAFFIE EDDIE ABDOOL, Product Specialist • ARSENIO ALMONTE, Sales Manager • RENNIE A ALMONTE, General Sales Manager • MARIO PAUL ALVES, Product Specialist • ANTONIO APONTE THEN, Service Advisor • ARNOLDO MARTIN BUSTAMANTE, Product Specialist • GILBERT MARC CARRIE, Sales Manager • LINDA RUBI CASTILLO, Administrative Assistant • GUSTAVO CELEDON, Technician • ERROL GEORGE CLARKE, Detailer • ENRIQUE JESUS ESPINOSA, Used Car Director • MARIO HUMBERTO ESPINOSA, Product Specialist • LAZARO JESUS FERNANDEZ, Product Specialist • VERONICA FUEGO, Cashier • OSCAR GONZALEZ, Maintenance Associate • CARLOS MIGUEL GUTIERREZ, Technician • VERUSHKA HAMER, Accounting Clerk • REINIER HECHAVARRIA, Parts Specialist • LUISA FERNANDA HERRERA, Accounting Clerk • LUIS HIDALGO, Finance Consultant • MIGUEL ALBERTO HINCAPIE HINCAPIE, Technician • YAMILET HOYO, Key Room Clerk • ALFREDO JUAREZ, Shop Manager • EVERTON L KAMEKA, Technician • JOSE RAMON LAU, Technician • FAMUEL LORENT, Shop Cleaner • JAVIER FERNANDO MARTELL, Parts Manager • DIEGO ALEJANDRO MEJIA, Detailer • RODRIGO MELO, Product Specialist • NESTOR MONCADA, Finance Consultant • ROBERT DEAN OTERO, Parts Director • LUIS GUILLERMO PEREZ, Product Specialist • ALEXIS RICO, Product Specialist • ERNESTO RIVAS, General Sales Manager • CARLOS MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ, Sales Manager • EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ, Porter • ROSIE ROMERO, Title Clerk • ROLANDO RUIZ, Technician • DAISY RUSSO, Administrative Assistant • ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ, Porter • MIGUEL ANGEL SANTOS, Porter • GRACE SINOBAS, Key Room Clerk • EROD ANTHONY SMITH, Detailer • JUAN OSIRIS SOTO, Finance Consultant • HUMBERTO YOEL TASE, Shop Manager • GILBERTO ERNESTO THOMPSON, Finance Consultant • ERROL EVON WALLACE, Technician

20+ Years of Service

LIAN ANELA AGOSTINHO, Finance Consultant • ALEXIS ANTONIO ALVAREZ, Service Manager • JOAQUIN TADEO AZAR, Corporate Ambassador • LORRAINE PATRICIA BEAN, Dealer Principle • MIRIAM BLANCO, Title Clerk • MARIA CRISTINA CARPIO, Appointment Coordinator • CLAUDIA ELVIRA CASTANEDA, Cashier • TERESA CASTRO-ARNAVAT, Accounts Payable Clerk • MICHAEL ANGELO CORDERO, Product Specialist • JULIO CESAR CUBERO, Controller • MARIO ARNULFO CUYUN, Technician • KATIA AURORA DE LA MILERA, Accounting Clerk • RONIL DUFRENE, Product Specialist • EDGARDO ARNALDO FARINA, Technician • OVIDIO JUSTO FERRA, Shipping & Receiving Clerk • ISAAC THOMAS GLOSSON, Service Advisor • EUSEBIO HERNANDEZ, Master Diagnostic Technician • ASIF JAWAID, Product Specialist • ELDA YRIS LABANINO, Title Clerk • MIGUEL ANGEL LANDESTOY, Parts Specialist • MACARIO FELIPE MESA, Maintenance Associate • MIGUEL MOYA, Lead Porter • DANIEL NIEVES, Service Director • EDWIN RICARDO OBANDO, Product Specialist • HAYDEE MELLADO PAEZ, Accounting Clerk • ANDREW JEAN PAUL, Parts Specialist • HUSSAIN RASHIED, Parts Specialist • PEDRO FRANCISCO RICO, Technician • CHRISTOPHER KEITH ROBERTS, President • CARMELO JULIO SAAVEDRA, Finance Director • RAY ELDON STEPHENSON, Technician

30+ Years of Service

BYRON BARRIOS, Parts Specialist
EARL BISHOP, Technician
KRISTIN POURIDAS, Warranty Administrator